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is a die-hard fan club of Michael Jackson that is fully focused on his life, news, and music. However, we are also very mindful of the impression that the general public has and what the present generation of fans would necessarily know regarding the legendary pop king’s collection of musical releases.

Our Concerns

Our concerns cut across the following areas.


We have curated a list of Michael Jackson’s albums which he headlined solely by himself. He released about 63 singles, and he featured another artist in about eight. Michael Jackson has about 13 solos that topped the United States music chart, including the one where he featured Paul McCartney and ‘We are the World’, which was the one with the USA for Africa.


One interesting thing about the king of pop is that he started his professional career and came to the limelight at the age of five by being a music group member: The Jackson 5. It was not until the 70s that he started his career as a solo artist. And at various points in time, Michael Jackson made use of music videos to promote and market his solo albums. He mostly referred to them as short films, which largely recorded great applause and recognition from the Guinness World Records.

MJ Live

If there is a fact about MJ that has gained wide popularity and acceptance, it’s that Michael Jackson remains the best to do it in the entertainment scene globally. Millions of people rush to see him perform at world tours and other various live stage performances from time to time. As usual, we have curated a list of MJ’s solo tours.

The Humanitarian

Although Michael Jackson was popularly known for music and entertainment, there was more to him than just music. He was a humanitarian as well. He took a special liking for the less fortunate, especially children who were terminally ill. He also catered to the needs of adults. Michael Jackson was a humanitarian, and he got recognition for this from the Guinness Book of World Records in the 2000 edition,’ Most Charities Supported by A Pop Star.’ He gave his support to about 40 charity organisations.

MJ Living Legacy Project

The project aims to give honour to the biggest entertainer of all time. Annually, to commemorate MJ, an apple tree is usually planted; this came to be not only because MJ’s nickname was Apple head but also to combat deforestation in Amazon. As such, all fans worldwide are welcome on the 25th of June every year to plant an apple tree.


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