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MJ’s New York Mansion for Sale

MJ’s House for Sale

Marc Lasry, the co-owner of NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, listed his townhouse. The house is quite famous for housing two famous residents, including Michael Jackson.

The townhouse located on the Upper East Side has been sold for 32 million dollars which is a little less than the asking price of 39 million dollars that it was originally slated for when it first got on the market in November 2017.

The mansion is a six-story beaux art townhouse sold by Marc Lasry, a billionaire hedge fund manager. Marc and his wife Cathy had previously rented the house to tenants who were quite famous. Tenants like Marc Chagall, an artist and Francis Lynde Stetson, President Grover Cleveland’s law partner during its century-old history.

The house is just a little off the fifth avenue, close to both central park and Met Breuer. Michael Jackson lived there from mid-1999 to early 2000. The mansion built of limestone and brick on the Upper East Side was built in 1989. It had a living space of about 12,745 square feet over six stories you could access from a grand oak staircase.

The dark oak hardwood floors, which covered all of the 16 rooms of the mansion was quite stunning; seven out of the sixteen rooms were bedrooms. The living room had beautiful, aesthetically pleasing structures, such as the walls with built-in shelving, wood-burning fireplaces, natural lighting through the floor-to-ceiling, and windows, etc. The house also has a very spacious and quiet, comfortable kitchen with beautiful white cabinetry and countertops made with marble.

The garden in the house allows for small balcony space for lounging and chilling in the evening. It also has a fountain along with a tall wall for privacy. There is, of course, a lot more outdoor space on the top floor where we have a spacious roof deck with a kitchen. It was designed to be out of the view of all the people passing down below the street to preserve the proportions.

There is no doubt that this building offers premium value for money. As such, it is an option that you should consider buying. As an added advantage, this building was the home of the renowned Michael Jackson. As such, if you are a big fan of the king of pop and you are looking to share the roof he once shared, then this building comes with significant aesthetic value for you. It allows you to realise a dream owned by millions of people around the world.

You can say that this is an opportunity of a lifetime. You will hardly get another opportunity to explore this dream so close to home. Even more, it represents a significant value offering, considering the cost associated with the purchase. So, look towards maximising this opportunity if you can afford it. You get the bragging right to tell other fans of Michael Jackson that you are living where he once did.

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