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New Fan Museum in Switzerland

Immortalising MJ in Switzerland

Many people have tried actions to immortalise Michael Jackson and ensure that he is not forgotten as the greatest entertainer of all time. Of all the legacy projects, one that seems to stand out is a fan Museum constructed in Switzerland’s heart. A fan of Michael Jackson who also happens to own a restaurant in Switzerland, Steffisburg has opened up a ‘Michael Jackson Museum.’ The museum is located just in the basement of the restaurant. It officially opened up in 2009 and ever since has recorded nothing less than 300 visits in a month. The name of the fan is Stephan-Francus Linder. Over the years, he has identified himself as a die-hard fan of the king of pop. In turn, to further explore his love for Michael Jackson, he has gone one step further by taking significant and meaningful action. He opened up the shrine in August 2009 to serve as a means to honour and commemorate the legend. The museum is filled with the Memorabilia of Michael Jackson and the original agreement signed for his all-time classic, ‘We are the World’. The museum also contains most of his album and solo tracks, some replica of his awards, pictures, instruments, etc. This museum ensures that people interested in the great artist that Michael Jackson can access his greatness from the beauty of a museum. This is even more important for the new generation who did not have a chance to witness the greatness of Michael Jackson first-hand. These group of people who have merely heard of his greatness have no idea what they are missing out on. This location provides them with an opportunity to gain insight into who Michael Jackson was as an artist. It allows generation Z to see the great magic that Michael Jackson was as an artist. Even more, it ensures that in the years to come, the world does not lose sight of the wonder that Michael Jackson was both on and off the stage. No one does it like Michael Jackson, and this museum is a testament to that reality. It brings to life the greatness of Michael Jackson. By holding historic pieces of his exceptional and exemplary career, this museum affords the world another opportunity to remember him in the coming century. If you happen to be in the area of Switzerland, why not visit this fan hub. There is no doubt that you will grant yourself one of the best experience possible. Even more, you will be sure to leave the museum satisfied and basking in the euphoria of spending a day with not just any great, but an all-time great. We are sure Stephan-Francus Linder is looking interact with more fans in the museum. So, don’t let anything stop you. Find your way to these areas. You can even count on enjoying one of the best meals available just at the top of the basement.
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