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Michael Jackson’s Discography

MJ50 is a die-hard fan club of Michael Jackson that is fully focused on his life, news, and music. However, we are also very mindful of the impression that the general public has and what the present generation of fans would necessarily know regarding the legendary pop king’s collection of musical releases.

In that line, we have curated a list of Michael Jackson’s albums which he headlined solely by himself. He released about 63 singles, and he featured another artist in about eight. Michael Jackson has about 13 solos that topped the United States music chart, including the one where he featured Paul McCartney and ‘We are the World’, which was the one with the USA for Africa.

For his first single, which entered the US Billboard Hot 100, the song ‘Got to Be There’ was ranked fourth. His first-ever hit, which was renamed number one, was ‘Ben,’ and even through the 70s, MJ consistently dropped singles.

His album, ‘Off the Wall’ generated about five different songs on its own, including the all-time chart-topping classics, “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough’ as well as ‘Rock with You.’ Due to both songs’ large sales, both of these singles were certified platinum by the RIAA. After all, marking a milestone of selling about 4 million and 2 million copies warranted being licensed as platinum by the Recording Industry of America.

This wasn’t far-fetched, considering his first single, ‘The Girl Is Mine’ featuring Paul McCartney, also got certified by the Recording Industry of America (RIA). It also ranked second on the US Billboard Hot 100.

‘Billie Jean’ also got released as his second single from ‘Thriller,’ which was his second solo studio album that kept topping the charts in nothing less than 13 countries. It sold about six million copies and 1.4 million copies just in the United States and the United Kingdom, respectively. Other solo studio albums released by him include ‘Got to Be There,’ ‘BEN,’ ‘Music & Me,’ ‘Forever, Michael,’ etc.

MJ’s seventh album, ‘Bad’ had nine of the songs in it topping g charts in the United States, and 5 out of them got to number one on the US Billboard 100, including the all-time classic,’ Man In the Mirror’ and ‘I Just Can’t Stop Loving You.’

In line with his discography, Michael Jackson has Compilations, including ‘The Best of Michael Jackson,’ ‘One Day in Your Life,’ ‘18 Greatest Hits’, ‘Farewell, My Summer Lover,’ and ‘Anthology,’ among others.

Concurrently, some re-editions may or may not have included new dynamics. They include ‘Off the Wall Special Edition,’ ‘Thriller Special Edition,’ ‘Dangerous Special Edition,’ ‘Bad Special Edition,’ This Is It, etc. Michael Jackson also had albums released right after his death;’ Michael’ and ‘Xscape.’

And of course, the legend also had his albums remixed because of how great they were; they include ‘ET The Extra-terrestrial’ ‘Blood on the Dance Floor: history in the Mix,’ ‘Invincible’ etc.

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