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MJ Live

If there is a fact about MJ that has gained wide popularity and acceptance, it’s that Michael Jackson remains the best to do it in the entertainment scene globally. Millions of people rush to see him perform at world tours and other various live stage performances from time to time. As usual, we have curated a list of MJ’s solo tours.

Legendary hand of MJ
Bad World Tour

This was a worldwide tour that started on the 12th of September 1987 and ended on the 27th of January 1989. ‘Bad’ was the first-ever live tour that Michael Jackson participated in. He did it to support the seventh album he released with the titled ‘Bad.’

The live tour had sponsorship from Pepsi and spanned for some 16 months. The tour had about 123 concerts taking place across 15 different countries and performing to over 4 million fans. The number had it become the second highest-grossing tour.

At the end of the tour, the crossings totalled about 125 million dollars and entered the Guinness World Records as the biggest grossing tour in all of history and the tour with the largest audience attendance. The tour also got nominated for ‘Tour of the Year 1988’ at the International Rock Awards.

The First Leg

In June of 1987, MJ embarked on his first-ever world tour, which Pepsi sponsored as well. The tour kicked off in Japan, and all other concerts following that tour had sold out tickets within hours. Many pressmen, media men, and fans welcomed him for all his scheduled concerts, especially in Tokyo. The stage had well above 650 lights, 40 lasers, up to 100 speakers, and very tall foot screens. The performers alone made about 70 costume changes, 5 of which had optic lights.

Still in Tokyo, MJ had an exclusive interview. After Tokyo, MJ performed at five other concerts in various countries ranging from Sydney, Brisbane to Melbourne. It was in Sydney that he took time to visit sick children in their houses.

The Second Leg

This was the tour between 1988 to 1989. Pensacola civic centre was where the rehearsals for the tour took place. The first performance kicked off in Atlanta, Georgia.

MJ had a special liking for children, as it’s recalled that he allowed in almost 500 children to watch him rehearse on his last day of rehearsals. While in Georgia, he also handed out about 100 tickets to the foundation that catered for terminally ill children.

The Dangerous World Tour

This was MJ’s second world tour, also sponsored by Pepsi. It was a tour to mark his solo album,’ Dangerous’ It had close to 70 performances, and all proceeds from this tour were donated to charities.

SuperBowl XXVII Halftime Show

As opposed to his previous performances, MJ was the only performer at this show. He started by dancing on jumbotrons and further gave off the impression of himself moving from one end of the stadium to another. Then, he catapulted and stood frozen while on stage in front of everybody.

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